Metal began with a photograph of a construction site in Bengaluru. The increasing number of construction sites is a common view in Bengaluru as the city grows to accommodate the migrating population for work opportunities. Like many other big cities in the world, Bengaluru also faces the challenges of urbanization. Ironically, the project started with a strong dislike for newer constructions in an urban landscape. The constructions meant more pollution and traffic, the burden on resources and displacement of local communities. Although these growing cities give employment to a greater number of population, this displacement of local communities gravely affects their livelihood. However, this struggle became the biggest inspiration for the project, Metal.

This project focused on explorations of colour, materials, and techniques that led to the genesis of the project ‘Confluence of Narratives.’ These are the narratives of Bengaluru which once was known as a garden city, and is now known for its growing IT industry.


brass, copper, steel, nickel, tinned copper wire, metal chips.

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